Bulgaria's Number 2 by Subscription

This year, Tsvetelina Stoyanova went to her second World Championship. Last year, she was chosen over Marina Stoimenova, even Marina placed better in test competitions. This year she was chosen over Bilyana Prodanova, even though Bilyana made a final with hoop at the World Cup in Sofia, while Tsvetelina got much lower scores than both Bilyana and Nastia Kisse. It seems that, regardless of how Tsvetelina performs, she is Bulgaria's number 2, and she represents the country at the most important events, where she habitually places outside the top 20.

Here is how Tsvetelina performed at the worlds.

Although Tsvetelina is beautiful and talented, she is not at the level of Prodanova or Stoimenova. And Stoimenova has now quit gymnastics because she never got the chance to perform at a world level event.How many more girls will suffer because Tsvetelina is preferred by the coach?

Gymnastics is a tough sport, and not because of bodily injuries. What is worse is that, in some cases, gymnastics teaches young girls that corruption and favoritism are acceptable. It makes them takes things for granted and move through life without feeling guilt for hurting others.

I am really sad Marina quit the sport, and afraid that Bilyana will follow. There is another new wonderful girl, Sara Staykova, who also performs better than Tsvetelina. Take a look below! Enjoy Sara's performance and cheer her on! I really hope she gets a chance to show her talent as Bulgaria's next, real number 2.