5 Gymnasts (from 4 Continents!) Who Did Not Make the Final

1. The beautiful Nicole Ruprecht from Austria - She has very clean lines, strong pirouettes, good apparatus work. We have seen Nicole in top 10, but this time she did not make the final. Best of luck and her wonderful Bulgarian coach, Luchia!

2. Danielle Prince from Austalia -  Danielle has advanced a lot and  is no doubt, Australia's strongest rhythmic gymnast of all times. Australia has a powerful tradition in artistic gymnastic and I hope that with Danielle's influence, rhythmic will become more popular there as well.

3. Kaho Minagawa from Japan -  Flexible, strong, elegant, always smiling, frequently positioned in top 10. This time she did not make the final, but if she keeps competing, she will be quite a threat at the Worlds, to everyone in top 10.

4. Elyane Boal from Cape Verde - the only African in the competition, she performed with a lot of joy and showed potential. The audience enjoyed her vibrant personality. She should continue to do her best and inspire other African girls to take up this sport.

5. Varvara Filiou, the diva from Greece -  Born to a Bulgarian mother and a Greek father, coached in Russia by a Russian coach. Varvara is everyone's favorite because she is dramatic, flirty, original and a natural born dancer. As a gymnast, she has the potential to perform many difficult elements a lot more cleanly than she did this time. Still a delight to watch!

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