Salome in Full Attack Position for an Olympic Medal

Does Salome Pazhava have a chance to win a medal in Rio? I wish she did!

Her ball routine is one of the most innovative this season, but she has performed all four routines cleanly in most, if not all, recents competition. She has already shown off her style with hoop and clubs as well. If she has a "weak spot," I would say it is ribbon technique, but Salome has definitely earned her spot among the best gymnasts in the world. 

Currently, all of her routines have enough difficulty and expression for her to reach high and try to measure up to Son from Korea, Staniouta from Belarus and Rizatdinova from the Ukraine. I would say she looks much stronger and definitely more exciting to watch than Moustafaeva from France and Rivkin from Israel. She is also in far better shape than the second representative of Belarus, Halkina.

I love her focus, her stamina, her intensity, her unapologetically athletic and powerful style.  Her leotards and music were very well chosen to tell no ordinary fairy tale of a graceful princess, but a story of warrior and dragons. That,  a plot of flying mythical creatures and valiant heroes, is just what I picture when I watch her perform.

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