Eleonora Kezhova to Lead the French Team

Former Bulgarian rhythmic group member and bronze medalist from the 2004 Olympics, Eleonora Kezhova (pictured in the middle) will be coaching the French group this year. Eleonora has many years of experience as a group competitor and is also a silver medalist from the 2003 World Championship.  She was born in 1985 in Sofia and trained with club "Iliana."

It is not the first time that the French team has worked with Bulgarian coaches. For many years, the Kotzevi family worked with French gymnast, including the best French gymnast to date, Eva Serrano. In recent years, the silver medalist from the 1988 Olympics, Adriana Dunavska coached the group and created a beautiful routine to Sylvie Vartan's song "La Maritza."

Good luck in your new endeavor, Eleonora, have a wonderful time in France!


Tsvetelina Discharged from Hospital, Group Captain Shares Thoughts on Retirement

Tsvetelina Stoyanova has left the hospital on September 5 after her accident in mid-June. Her teammates from the group visited her and she congratulated them on winning an Olympic bronze.

All members of the current Bulgarian group are considering retirement with the exception of Lubomira Kazanova, who replaced Tsveti after the accident and made it possible for the team to win medals both at the European Championship in Israel and at the Olympics.

"We went through a lot of difficulties and what happened with Tsveti Stoyanova was one of the challenges. We still don't realize that gymnastics is now no longer a permanent part of our lives. You lie in bed and think of training camps, but they are in the past. You don't know what lies ahead. We have time to think. We are grateful to all of Bulgaria for supporting us for 8 years. Our fans gave us strength, " shared the captain, Mihaela Maevska.

Mihaela at the European Championship in Holon


Happy Birthday to Another Fan

Happy Birthday to Esther Colmenares from Venezuela who lived her Olympic dream to participate in organizing and running the competition in Rio. 

Esther is a champion of both coaching and marketing with a degree in Sports Management & Marketing from Universidad Gabriela Mistral. 

She worked very hard to earn the pleasure and honor to participate in the administrative portion of the Rio competition, which is a great and responsible for that many fans picture in their wildest dreams.

Here is Esther, as a wonderful gymnast from Belarus prepares to walk to the carpet:

Wishing you many new amazing experiences, Esther!

Meanwhile, in Bulgaria, we occasionally have men in this enjoyable role:

 This sport is getting more and more interesting with every day that passes!