The World's Best Gymnasts Performed in Poland and Nobody Watched Them

The World Games in Wroclaw proceeded with the rhythmic gymnastics event, where the gymnasts were watched only by their teammates and coaches. Fans wanted to watch the event, too, but most of the broadcasting channels were either restricted to a handful of countries, showing other sports or only broadcasting a couple of performances.

If, as things are, the people of Poland have bigger fish to fry than to watch sports, then perhaps the World Games should take place somewhere else. The World Games are not limited to gymnastics either; they cover many other sports.

The competition itself I will refrain from discussing. The air conditioner was either off or blowing off ribbons and hair pins, and the judging was stranger than ever. 

But, to keep up a good mood, I will comment that the two gymnasts with longest legs and super model bodies, Grace Legote from South Africa and Olena Diachenko from Ukraine both competed in one event which does not happen often. In fact, it is rare to watch someone so beautiful.

I snapped some shots from the limited broadcast on one of the Russian channels. Olena "had better do better" next time, this picture seems to be saying.


Pinceladas de Ritmica, a Love Letter to Elegance

I received this beautiful book in the mail after I had marveled some of the art included in the book.

It contains very creative illustrations showing each of the 50 featured gymnasts in a moment of unique grace. The book spans from the 80s, starting with the legendary Bulgarian Lilia Ignatova, and finishes with the most promising contemporary star, the extraordinary Sasha Soldatova.

Each gymnast is honored with least one drawing dediated to her and a page or two of narrative in Spanish about the gymnast's strongest qualities and achievements. Here are some of my favorite depictions.

1. Yanina Batyrchina from Russia, the silver medalist from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, shown in her bright red ribbon.

2. Two-time world champion Dilian Georgieva from Bulgaria illustrated in a way that is very telling of her expressiveness and emotion

3.  Elena Shamatulskaya from Ukraine who performed very interesting choreographies and was noted for her graceful feet.

4. The three-time world champion Maria Petrova from Bulgaria shown in a memorable opening pose from her 1992 clubs routine which scored a 10.000 at the European championship. The caption features a quote from coach Neshka Robeva: "There is no better applause than the silence of the audience."

Also included are less popular gymnast like the French Eva Serrano, the Romanian Irina Deleanu and the Georgian Salome Pazhava.

I would have loved to have seen Daria Kondakova and Simona Peycheva, both gold medal winners at world championship, included in this book as well as the Belarus star Inna Zhukova.

But I think the book is wonderfully passionate and well-crafted, a great way to remember the artists and athletes  in rhythmic and a tribute to the poetic qualities of hour favorite sport. You can buy the book here: https://libros.com/comprar.


Neviana Vladinova's Spanish Ribbon: Training Video

Love this training video of Neviana before tomorrow's start of Copa Internacional Catalunya in Barcelona. The audience will love this red ribbon and Nevi herself loves her work and performance. It is very exciting that she decided to participate in this event only a week after the European Championships. Halkina is also there and this is already 2 of my very favorite gymnasts in the world.