Katsyarina Halkina and Her Brave, Brave Heart

This year Katsyarina Halkina from Belarus has been performing very risky routines and winning medals. We still think of her as the novice on the team, always following the established leader Staniouta. But did you know that in 2011, when Halkina was only 14, she had to make a decision whether to have heart surgery in order to continue her training as a world-class athlete?

This interview with her (in Russian) explains that she had to have a surgical procedure involving a heart valve, so that she could be able to support the extreme physical demands of training and competitive sport:

If Halkina had chosen to leave competitive sport, she would have been able to have a normal life without surgery. But she made a choice to follow her talent and passion.

Halkina, her family and coaches must feel very proud of the choice she made as a human being and an athlete, which is to always to try to improve, despite unexpected difficulties and circumstances she cannot control.

I would like to share her wonderful hoop routine as I wish strength and health to all athletes so overcome challenges, even with the help of medicine, but mostly due to their own determination and courage.


Bulgaria's Second Team Makes a Dazzling First Impression

Some of you may not know this, but Bulgaria has a second senior group coached by the absolutely incredible Kamelia Dunavska, who is a world champion in the group exercise herself. They put together this routine, where nobody ever stops moving until the very end, where you can finally take a breath:

I am not sure that this team will have the opportunity to showcase this routine at a bigger international event, so I am sharing it here, despite the small errors that are still visible.



Nadia and the Orange Ball - Continued!

I would like to post my impressions of Grand Prix Moscow and the new Mamun/Kudryavtsveva routines, but...my little star wants to run around and play, so I haven't had the time. :-) Here she is.

Growing up with a favorite toy!