Salome Trains in the Cold

I "stole" this picture from one of the Facebook fan pages devoted to gymnastics. It shows the Georgian star Salome Pazhava wearing layers of clothes because the gym where she prepares to dazzle us all doesn't have heat. It pains me to watch how, in the 21st century, an athlete of true world class and grace has to endure this kind of obstacle.

Meanwhile, we have compensated judges, international federation leaders, local federations, former stars. Isn't there someone who could lend a hand to help resolve this shameful situation?

Over the last couple of years Salome has brought a lot of excitement and a truly unique style to rhythmic gymnastics.. She is also the first Georgian to enter, with full force, a fight for the top 6 in Europe and in the World. I am certain that both other gymnasts and fans from around the world deeply value her contribution as an athlete and also as a performer. And as a dreamer. She and her coach have started from zero and have climbed very, very far.

Sometimes dreams may be enough to keep us warm. They are certainly enough to keep us going in times of adversity. But, at this stage of her career, this gymnast deserves a lot more than the fuel of her own dreams. So I still hope that whoever is responsible for heating this facility will do his or her job. Or that another gymnast will perhaps invite Salome to practice in a gym with normal temperature so that she can focus on finding new ways to surprise and inspire us.


Stars Shine at LA Lights for a Great Beginning of the 2016 Rhythmic Gymnastics Season

Every year, one of the first international event, and a great opportunity to see the new routines of some of the competitors in the world elite, is the La Lights Tournament. Among the stars we can see in the United States this year are the following team members from Ukraine and Belarus:

Belarus National Team
Bazhko, Hanna
Bolotina, Elena
Charopa, Arina
Halkina, Katsiaryna
Trubach, Maryia

Ukraine National Team
Dmytrash, Olena,
Gomon, Yevgeniya
Grisadova, Oleksandra
Gudym, Valeriia
Mazur, Victoria
Rizatdinova, Ganna

Rizatdinova is already a world champion with hoop, while both Halkina and Charopa from Belarus have also won numerous medals at prestigious international events. Bozhko, Bolotina and Trubach are the young additions to the super-star team Belarus, who achieved great results as juniors and are now joining the fiercely competitive world of the senior gymnastics elite. I am very curious about the new routines of Mazur from the Ukraine, too, because she has been part of the national team of Ukraine for a long time, but has yet to reveal her great potential. There were some rumors that she was moving to the group exercise and I certainly hope they are not true.

If you are in the LA area, do not miss the chance to watch these amazing athletes live. Below is the tournament poster and a link to the event website:

This tournament has become the most exciting annual event in the world of North American rhythmic gymnastics and it promises to introduces both the new routines of well-known stars as well as to many future talents.


Neviana Working on Brave New Routines!

Neviana Vladinova, Bulgaria's top rhythmic gymnast, will be showing 4 new routines in 2016. I feel very hopeful that each of the routines will show the best and Nevi has to offer to the world of gymnastics and will remain memorable for the audience around the world. I would like to share snippets of some of the new work with ball and I can't wait to see more:

I wish all gymnasts the best of health in 2016 and may this year bring out the best in all of us!