Bulgaria's Hopefuls

Welcome to my first post with Blogsy, coming straight from my iPad.

I would like to discuss the future of the Bulgarian team now that Silvia Miteva is most likely retiring. Tsvetelina Stoyanova may be joining the group exercise, which leaves the following gymnasts in competition for the spot of Number 1 in Bulgaria:

1. Maria Mateva: she has already represented Bulgaria at many important international competitions. Unfortunately, injuries have tormented her for a long time. Ball is by far her best event:

2. Sara Staykova: younger than Mateva, not as known, but very, very promising. I think Sara has strong apparatus technique and very interesting routines. Unfortunately, she has not performed very cleanly. Here are her clubs:

3. Neviana Vladinova: though she is not officially part of the national team, she has shown consistent improvement in all aspects of her routines. Neviana's ribbon is especially masterful:

4. Zhenina Trashlieva: currently the leader of the junior team, she is very confident and expressive but has not been tested in the senior category: