Amazing Work from Romania

The best gymnast from Romania, Alexandra Piscupescu, has consistently shown difficult, strong, risky, clean and expressive gymnastics. It really is a pity that she did not qualify for the Olympics because of highly political judging. Here is a beautiful clubs routine she did in Pesaro this year:


As a fan, I have to also say that there are very few things I like more than a strong gymnast. One of these few things is a strong Federation that stands up for its athletes, even in front of international authorities. So, much as I am impressed with Alexandra's performances, I am even more impressed with Irina Deleanu, the President of the Romanian Federation, who had the courage to state that "the Olympic spot was stolen from Piscupescu." Further, Deleanu has stated: "They are trying to quiet us down by saying that Alexandra will receive a wild card. But the reason Alexandra did not qualify for the Olympics is corruption in this sport." 

We have seen talented young gymnasts suffer because of corrupt judging so many times. So few times, really, too few, has anyone ever clearly and officially protested against such treatment. 

That's why I congratulate Irina Deleanu, a strong and stylish gymnast herself, for assuming a rare position of dignity. For those of you who may be too young to remember Irina as a gymnast, let me remind you that she placed 6th at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics:


Irina Deleanu was by far the highest ranked rhythmic gymnast from Romania in the 1990s. In 2012, with much more aggressive competition, Alexandra Piscupescu is also one of the best gymnasts in the world. I wish them both good health and strong nerves so that Alexandra can continue in Irina's steps proudly representing the gymnastics nation of Romania against all odds.