Happy Birthday to France's Best Gymnast of All Times

Yes, the uniquely elegant Eva Serrano. Watch her beautiful balances and leaps, and wonderfully personal style:

I remember reading somewhere that, while training with Bulgarian coaches, Eva had learned a couple of Bulgarian phrases including "Az sum mnogo gladna" ("I am very hungry"), a great expression for those on a perpetual diet. ;-)

A bronze medalist with hoop from the World Championships in 1997 in Berlin and 6th at the Atalanta Olympics in 1996, Eva remains unforgettable.


Ulyana Trofimova's Medal Winning Ball Routine

This weekend at the World Cup competition in Kalamata, 21-year old Ulyana Trofimova from Uzbekistan won a bronze medal for her amazing ball routine:

Ulyana is one of the most charismatic gymnasts on the international carpet, capturing the attention of the audience with her amazing flexibility, risky routines, and a dazzling smile. For me she is the official queen of the backscale. He backscales look so perfect, they are almost unreal:

My favorite leotard of Ulyana is this leopard print one, unconventionally combined with a blue ribbon. It would not look good on most people, but Ulyana is so charming, she could be a top fashion model who can make any style look appealing. And she looks stunning in it: