Congratulations to the New Champion of Australia

Australia has a new rhythmic gymnastics champion, Danielle Prince. 

Danielle, who represents MBC Gymnastics, won the women's all around title at the Australian nationals, followed by Janine Murray and Jaelle Cohen. The new champion was born in 1992 in Brisbane and started training rhythmic gymnastics at age 11 years, because her dance teacher suggested she try it.

Thank you, dance teacher! We can now can enjoy watching a very flexible gymnast, with good fouettes, and a most charming smile. Danielle also stands out with her original choices of make up and leotards. She once shared she even likes to use "different nail polish for every competition."

I am lucky to have some unpublished pictures of Danielle from the Montreal World Cup event this January, so you can see for yourself how stylish she looks on the carpet. Enjoy!