Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Group May Have a New Addition

I have heard that Simona Dyankova, a gymnast, who I absolutely love as an individual, is about the now join the group. I think she has a powerful personality and a unique presence on the carpet so I was a bit surprised to here that. I wrote about her in the past here.

Here is also a new ball routine she showcased at a test competition, obviously not polished but promising:

I was similarly sad when Sasha Narkevich joined the group in Belarus instead of staying as an individual but then she ended up winning an Olympic silver and a world gold, so, in the end, I was happy for her.

Moving from an individual arrangement to the group competition can be a difficult transition. It is not for everyone, but for the bravest, strongest, and most adaptable athletes out there. Change is good when we welcome it with an open heart. I still like gymnasts with great expression like Simona, so I hope she will infuse the group with her strong spirit.