Bending and Spinning Like Champions, in America

Hi there, fans. I have some pictures of U.S. gymnast in ring shapes and pivots. I wish Jay Leno tried to do this instead of making fun of gymnastics on his show. I mean, come on, he could have just poked fun at Lance Armstrong, or basketball, or something else that he more or less understands. 

On a more serious note, now that wrestling got kicked out of the Olympics, I really hope gymnastics stays because these American girls work very hard and they look absolutely out-of-this-world...even while bending and spinning in a school gym right under a basketball hoop. What they practice is a real sport,  as challenging as many other sports, and worthy of Olympic participation for sure.


Efrossina Anguelova Will Coach the Bulgarian National Team

Iliana Reaeva, who took over the presidency of the Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation recently, after decades of Maria Gigova's leadership, announced big news last week. Efrossina Anguelova has accepted an offer as the new national coach of the Bulgarian team.

Previously, Mrs. Anguelova coached the Spanish national team and worked as a coach in the USA as well. She is the mother of another Bulgarian world champion, choreographer, stunt performer and model, Stela Anguelova (http://www.stellaangelova.com).

I would like to share a video of Mrs. Anguelova working and discuss what challenges she will face back in Bulgaria:

So, judging from the video, we have gotten ourselves a strict, serious, very motivated and intelligent national coach, who also does intense work with choreography. What does that mean:

Challenge 1: Many people on the national team, especially the girls in the group, will have to work harder. Much harder. I expect more original and more complex routines. Work ethic is not the same in Bulgaria as it is in the USA or in Spain.

Challenge 2: Many international judges and coaches may or may not like the Anguelova family, especially after Efrossina Anguelova left Spain after lots of scandal and speculation. Let's hope that they will judge without bias.

Challenge 3: People from different generations will work together now. In the past, Raeva mostly engaged coaches who were her age (born in the 1960s, or later). Although an youthful spirit can last a lifetime, differences in coaching styles remain, too. I am not saying Efrossina Anguelova is too old for this but that the Bulgarian team has worked in a different manner before.