Maria Petrova Still Has the Upper Hand

I found a funny video from an internal competition in Bulgaria which shows Maria Petrova catching a wondering ribbon from her desk as a judge. Next to her, the other Bulgarian three time-world champion, Maria Gigova (in the middle), is trying to not to get hit with the falling ribbon. Silvia Miteva is laughing next to her.

The video is available here: https://www.sportal.bg/my_video.php?video=109538.


Kamelia Dunavska Creates Breath-Taking Routines for Turkey

The amazing Bulgarian coach Kamelia Dunavska is now coaching the Turkish team. Known for risky elements, natural elegance and grace, Kamelia always delivers te best surprises when working with both individual gymnasts and groups.

The Turkey rhythmic group can show a lot of creativity and potential now:
Two Bulgarians might be joining the Turkish team if they obtain the required paperwork. This will cetainly be a feat of beauty, bravery and talent.

You don't need a Facebook log-in to watch this dynamic, powerful hoop routine, so please do.