Shelby Kisiel - A Rising American Rhythmic Star

The talented Shelby Kisiel started training rhythmic gymnastics in 2006 when she was already 12. Even though most gymnasts start at a much earlier age (5-8 years) old, Shelby seems to have caught up with them very fast. This year, at the Montreal World Cup, Shelby placed 10th the all around and 6th with hoop. Last year at the same event she was 13th in the all around and did not make the event finals. Shelby's progress is evident not only in these results but mostly in her beautiful routines, full of exciting throws and catches, lots of stunning flexibility and strong choreography. In Montreal this year, Shelby demonstrated very clean lines and wonderful expression with the music. Here is her hoop routine, quite inspired and inspiring!

This level of athletic mastery, of course, is the product of a lot of work and determination. In order to train at the North Shore Rhythmics in Chicago, Shelby moved to another state and now lives away from her family. She spends an average of 40 hours a week at practice. Here is what her coaches,Natasha Klimouk and Dani Takova, who call her "Shelbinka," say about Shelby on her website. 

“...Shelby is a very talented gymnast‐ 3 years in rhythmic gymnastics and she has made the U.S. National Team… this is unheard of. She has trained in Russia in the Olympic Training Center and has worked with World and Olympic champions‐ she has the highest potential to represent our country at the World Championships and in the 2012 Olympic Games.”

I think this gymnast has a great future and I do hope to see her in many other competitions, where she can keep placing among the world's best. A fun fact from Shelby' s website is her favorite candy: microwaved twizzlers. I have to admit I love twizzlers but it's never occurred to me to microwave them. I am tempted to try :)

While I do that, please enjoy some pictures of Shelby's graceful moments in Montreal:

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