Sasha Nakrevich Keeps Captivating

I was looking at the provisional list of participants for the World Championships in Montpelier next month and I felt pleased to see that team Belarus is planning to send 4 girls: Staniouta, Charkashyna, Rabtsava, and Narkevich. I wish the Bulgarian team had chosen to send 4 girls, not three, but that is another story, which I will discuss later..

I really hope that Sasha Narkevich, who was the reserve at the Europeans this year, will perform one of her routines. I enjoy all of them, but I have to say that she has some amazing catches with ball and clubs. Also, she has the prettiest ribbon and leotard for her ribbon routine, although Hanna Rabtsava proved herself as a promising ribbon performer by making the top 8 with ribbon at the Europeans. As a Sunday treat to the fans, here are some pictures:

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