Strong Ball Routine from Neviana Vladinova at the Italian Nationals

Fans, if you have missed this Bulgarian gymnast, who is actually not even part of the Bulgarian national team, here is an impressive routine from the Italian Nationals where she represents the club "Arcobaleno Prato."

She is a bit cautious with some of the risks and difficulty but she scored high in the 25's for the routine, and, with a smoother performance, she should be getting over 26. Which puts her ahead of Stoyanova, Mateva and even Kisse in my book.

Here is Neviana's hoop, a routine filled with interesting work with the apparatus and many very risky throws:

I am looking for more/better quality video from Italy, especially of Neviana, so please, please let me know, if any of you upload any!

For now I also have a fan montage of Neviana:


  1. I strongly elieve this girl is talented and strong enough to be a part of the Bulgarian national team, don´t know why she´s not on it yet....she doesnt even has a FIG profile!

  2. The last couple of years have been very disappointing. Many talented girls, like Siderova, Stoimenova and Prodanova did not get their chance to compete as much. And with Neviana, it's worse because she is not even part of the national team, even though she places better at some events than actual "national gymnasts." Neviana has been working a lot on improving her body elements. She will soon be 18. I still think she has a great future, but would she be given a chance?