Will Margarita Mamun, the Beautiful Butterfly, Get a Chance to Fly?

With talks of Kanaeva retiring and with Kondakova suffering an injury, Dmitrieva, Merkulova and Mamun remain the top Russian seniors, although various extremely talented juniors will move to the senior category soon.  Many fans think Merkulova is overscored. I don't always agree but, as a personal preference for gymnasts with an elegant style, I would really like to see Margarita Mamun, who always looks as light as a butterfly, represent Russia, or maybe Bangladesh, at world class events. Here is a hoop routine from the WC competition in Tashkent:

Margarita was born on November 1, 1995. She is the 2011 and 2012 Russian national champion and a bronze medalist from the Montreal World Cup event in 2011. At the Russian Nationals this year, Margarita placed higher than Svatkovskaya and Trubnikova. Sadly, Dmitrieva did not participate. I really hope Margarita keeps improving and goes to more GP and WC events. Otherwise, she may get a chance to perhaps join the group, but I think she is unique and would do wonderful work as an individual competitor.

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