Ronit and Rebecca Shine in Boston

While everyone else was watching the Superbowl, I attended, as any rhythmic gymnastics fan should, an invitational at Shady Hill High School in Cambridge. Rebecca Sereda and Ronit Shamuilov, America's top rhythmic gymnasts, looked more mature, bedazzled in sparkly leos and very confident.

The two of them really will compete with each other and I am hopeful that, unlike many other teams, the US will have, TWO top gymnasts, who motivate each other instead of designating one "prima."The new routines need lots of work because we are still in the beginning of the season but they did show beautiful moves already:


  1. Rhythmic gymnastics is very challenging .My daughter is very interested in rhythmic gymnastics. I am near the miami beach so I am looking for a gymnastics in miami, Florida . I know little about a Miami gymnastics . So please help me to find out a good gymnastics.

  2. Here is a list of Florida clubs: http://www.rhythmicregion6.org/Club-Directory.html

  3. I would highly Mila Marinova-Harty's club which I believe is in Jacksonville, though.