When Will Ganna Win?

So, the Worlds will take place in Kyiv this year, and the Ukrainians are working hard and expecting medals. I have always thought that Ganna Rizatdinova has greater potentials than Alina Maksymenko. At the European Championship this year, Ganna won silver with ribbon but stayed out of the podium in the other finals. This year I like her hoop routine best and I expected more medals for her.

Ganna didn't look happy with her scores so she must have expected more, too.

What is Ganna missing that will make her outscore Mamun, Kudryavtseva, Miteva and Staniouta?

She demonstrates great pirouetting technique, she can jump, and she can dance expressively.

I think the area of potential improvement is apparatus difficulty. Her clubs routine is especially static, as she is holding the clubs in both hands most of the time. The ball routine, otherwise very elegant, also features catches with two hands only. Ganna won a medal with ribbon, but Kudryavtseva and Staniouta both had errors. Frankly, her ribbon does not impress me either. The only routine I like this year for Ganna is her hoop routine. I hope she puts in more apparatus difficulty before the Worlds in her homeland. That way, she will show off all the qualities of a winner.

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  1. Well yes Luda, even I know there's no "think" about it. She's strong enough to hold her shapes yet not only is the apparatus handling comparitively backward, she fails to touch me with the expressive packaging this year as much the last one. I read Ireesha chooses her music and choreography this year and Ganna goes along with it. This kind of comment goes for most gymnasts anyway. Even Maksymenko does largely the same moves as before, just to varying degrees fittingly to the music... Alina will always have a special charisma because she loves to perform, even if Ganna is more reliable as an athlete.
    I value the Deriugina school in general for offering its unique flavour, and I wouldn't want Ganna to become another Staniouta. Apart from anything else, the world already has one...!