Which Ukrainian Stole the Universiade?

Both Ganna Rizatdinova and Alina Maksymenko performed not only cleanly but also with great expression and power at the Universiade in Kazan. So far this season Ganna consistently scored better but I think charming Maksymenko is finally coming closer to top shape!

Ganna, take the flowers and train even harder! You have real competition now!  ;-)


  1. Apart from charm, I don't know what to expect from Alina. I think she depends on confidence and needs love and encouragement not just to perform but to train. Ganna performs more consistently, and the marks are hardly just. We've seen that even when performing at her very best the judges are only handing Alina a minor medal or two. I think she may be putting in a concerted effort and assessing after the Worlds if this kind of commitment is really worthwhile.
    I hope she realises how much she is loved. Her fan base is far out of proportion to the medals she is allowed.

  2. Yes, Alina seems like the kind of person who will blossom with the right support.