World Games in Cali: Captured Moments

Ganna Rizatdinova held on to the hoop and won gold in the final but errors from other gymnasts gave her this chance.

Charopa from Belarus did a very strong ball routine and is probably the skinniest girl at the World Games

My absolute favorite, Melitina, looked magically inspired. GOLD with ball!

Tori Filanovsky from Israel is so energetic and fun to watch, even with her errors.

What is missing from this picture? Maksymenko finished without her hoop. Oh, pity!

Yeah, she regrets it and so do we.

Melitina could have won this final if she had been more confident. Her face says it.

The only non-Russian speaking girl in the Top 8 is Carolina Rodriguez from Spain. But, boy, did she wear the most sparkle. 

I really liked Nazarenkova from Russia. She is very elegant and she deserved the hoop bronze. Lovely leos, too!  Purple isn't great on everyone but she is just too pretty not to make it work.

Trubnikova, the other Russian, disappointed. Someone burn that leotard, and get rid of her circus music, pleaaaase!

Maksymenko looked fiery red with ball. 

She knows that the audience LOVES her. How can you not love someone so charming!

How do I even caption this shot?

Go Ganna! Go Ukraine!

1 comment:

  1. I am now a full fan of Maksy's red outfit.
    I was wondering why she looked so happy, I thought this competition was becoming a disaster. She must know she is the belle of the ball.
    Trubnikova's hoop routine looked a bit "juvenile". I found the way Nazarenkova is obsessed with pushing her arm around the back of her a trifle odd.
    I expected Melitina to cope with the conditions best. There's still one routine left to find out.
    You are very fast with the screen captures by the way, truly a crazyfan.