My Favorite Chinese Gymnast

Deng made a mistake with ribbon at the worlds but to me she still deserves to be in the top 6 in Kiev!


  1. Can you tell us why isn't she placed this high more often?

  2. Well, I think she wouldn't have placed this high if Maksymenko, Mamun and Miteva hadn't made mistakes. I would not say she is underscored, really. She is not placed high for the same reasons Halkina from Belarus, who is fantastic, isn't placed high YET: I think a gymnast needs some time to establish herself. Deng, however, is no longer a novice, and I think she will keep placing high. However, other "new" gymnasts like Halkina, Durunda, Mazur, and some others will provide real competition.

  3. I wonder if Deng has ever been a skater, because she has a couple of showy moves where she tucks herself in to accelerate a pivot, and in one of them then flings her arms out with the clubs at an angle. It's such a blast! All she does is tasteful but it's hard to read her expressions so she manages to appear somewhat anonymous.