Old Ball Routines, Forgotten or Unseen

Today I'd like to post 3 old, but good ball routines that may not have become popular in the 90s, but still held something very special in terms of creating a mood for the audience and telling a story through movement. The 1990s were a special time for gymnastics in terms of transitioning from a more artistic sport to a more athletic discipline with more body difficulties. These routines cannot really compare to the achievements of the gymnasts in the new century, but these routines demonstrate a body language full of musicality and expressions that many gymnasts with more challenging elements should aspire to show.

I hope you will take a moment to watch them and will see the beauty in them that I have seen many times.

It both encourages me and perplexes me that gymnastics, a sport, can be so intertwined with art, and mostly, with emotions. Emotions do not always act as a good guide to success and stability but relying on them and trying to understand them makes them turn into a constant learning experience, with endless room to grow and not necessarily measurable results.


  1. On this evidence I'd say Yovcheva was the most interesting. I liked the elegant elasticity around 0:19 & 0:52.
    You've definitely worked that Grigorova tape too hard.