A beautiful young gymnast from Bulgaria named...Simona

On January 13, candidates for the Bulgarian national team participated in an internal competition. One of the most beautiful routines I saw from this first-for-the-year showing was performed by Simona Diankova from "Char." Although Simona may not be as extremely flexible as other rhythmic gymnastics stars, she is very expressive, musically sensitive and powerful. I love her black leotard and dramatic style, reminiscent of the great Anna Bessonova, but what I like most of all is the originality and her mature, feminine presence.

Last year Simona did not make the national team, which she totally deserved even back then. But this year, she was clearly one of the top 3 gymnast in this first competition. And so, I really hope she will be given the chance to train and perform with the national team members. After all, the name "Simona" has brought Bulgaria only gymnastics joy!

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