White Fragments, with a Fire Escape


  1. You seem to have something of the Catwoman mysterious flavour in you.
    Maybe you should have a set done of you by some photographer. Someone who can think up something attractively tantalising. I have something no doubt clichéd in monochrome sepia in my head.
    I tend to get amused by photographers who take pictures of rhythmic gymnasts outside the gym and make them do stretches and funny positions. "And this, Ladies and Gentleman, is a creature than bends™" At least, I suspect it is some man's idea but some models just go through all their repertoire like machines and just you try stopping them ;)

  2. Thank you for your comment. These I took myself, so they got as good as can be, or, as I say, "the besets." I wanted to do some in white in the snow but then I got sick with a fever. :) They really would have been white and white with minimal black.