Legendary Gymnast and Coach Irina Deriugina Urges: Please Don't Allow Blood to Be Spilled

In a one-minute address to President Putin, the world champion and coach of many champions, Irina Deriugina of the Ukraine,reminds everyone that Russians and Ukrainians are brothers and sisters:

"Dear Russians, I address you because we were all born in the same country. I turn to your President and to those who have the opportunity to influence your President so that no mistakes are made.I turn to you because we all are so close, by blood. We have a relationship of people who belong to the same family. We are brothers and sisters.Please do not allow blood to be spilled. Please do not allow more lives of our brothers and sisters to be taken away.Please. I represent rhythmic gymnastics.In our two countries, we have the best athletes in this type of sport. Beauty always had a certain power. Try, please, to preserve all the beauty, all the richness of our people and your people. Don't allow, please, that blood be spilled."

Irina Deriugina was born in 1958 in Kiev. She became an all around world champion in 1977 and 1979. She is also the 1978 European gold medalist with ball. This is Irina, 25 years ago, performing.

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