Rebecca, Ronit and Jazzy Dominate U.S. Championship

The United States Championship in rhythmic gymnastics took place in Louisville this week. I have to admit I had looked into going there and watching these wonderful gymnasts live, especially Jazzy Kerber, who I have only watched online.

Here are some results:

1 Rebecca Sereda 16.450
2 Jazzy Kerber 16.200
3 Ronit Shamuilov 15.600

1 Rebecca Sereda 16.950
2 Ronit Shamuilov 16.050
3 Cindy Lu 15.900

1 Jazzy Kerber 16.050
2 Gabrielle Lowenstein 15.700
2 Serena Lu 15.700

1 Ronit Shamuilov 15.800
2 Rebecca Sereda 15.550
3 Jazzy Kerber 15.350

These look like pretty high scores for Rebecca, who has already proven herself at the international level as well. I think Jazzy and Ronit should be getting over 16.5 as well since they have lots of difficulty. I don't know how cleanly they performed, though.

Well, I could not go to Kentucky but I still have some awesome photos of Rebecca and Ronit that my sunshine Alex took from an event in Boston.

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