Gorgeous Mamun Keeps Making Mistakes...

...but I still like her, especially her jumps!

I think it is difficult to observe how a formidable competitor, such as Yana Kudryavtseva, keeps improving. I think Rita Mamun gets nervous at competitions now because she knows that, even if she does not make mistakes, Yana is still very likely to get a higher score. If we want to outplay Yana, Rita and her coach Amina Zaripova have to somehow outsmart her. Performing in a stable and consistent manner will not be enough. They need to find something Yana doesn't have and show case it.

Would you agree?

Also, how many of the fans like this leopard print? I have developped conflicting emotions about this choice of print. I used to like it on Ulyana Trofimova but I am not sure it is such a great match for Rita.

Anyway, thanks to my dear and wonderful friend Dimo Dimov, I got hold of these absolutely stunning pictures. Enjoy:

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  1. The turning point was last year WC when Yana turned to a distressed boss to reassure her: "Don't worry Auntie, I'll do it for you".
    It's hardly easy to justify medals when you're not yet fully cooked and even injured. Rita is far from home as well. Too bad if a number one supporter didn't lend support but was always keen to push.
    Rita if anything jumps too emphatically, as if she knows she has this element over Yana. She seems a sensitive young lady and I appreciate the efforts of her and her choreographer. The problem is she can do her everyday elements quite scrappy. I've seen her do penché pivots like a gale was blowing from the corner of the carpet.
    Re outfits, she has slim hips and I would still like to see her try some unitard/catsuit in competition, maybe black. It's a neglected tradition in RU gymnastics now. Might help in a small way If she wants to differentiate herself from Yana.