This is How the Ribbon Should Move

This season Neviana Vladinova from Bulgaria presents four very different and original routines. I love them all, but I have been watching the ribbon over and over again because it simply shows an excellent example of how to use the apparatus.  Many of the ribbon routines in the elite do not achieve this level of mastery, namely:

1. The ribbon does not stop moving
2. The lines of the ribbon are clean and the shapes shown are different in different segments of the routine
3. The ribbon movement and throws "cover" the entire carpet
4. The ribbon stays close to the gymnast's body
5. Both the risks and the general handling show original decisions
6. The dance steps are in harmony with the ribbon movements
7. The ribbon moves in different planes: above the head, at the feet, close to the floor, at eye level etc.

Good luck to Neviana in staying consistent and clean. I think she is working on taking this routine to the next level. There are a lot of small, but intricate details in this routine that will just take them to "iron out." This routine is designed to capture the attention from start to finish.

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