Marina Durunda's Fierce Personality in Pictures

All gymnasts look beautiful, but Marina Durunda is far more than beautiful: she looks fierce and full of very strong energy all the time. She is also one of the few gymnasts who always wear very stylish leotards that really emphasize her best qualities.

You can see a short video of how she prepared and performed during her most recent fashion photo shoot. She is wearing very original dresses and makes for a very convincing and original model:

Fashion and style aside, I have also really enjoyed Marina's four routines this season because they are all very sophisticated.  Marina has clearly matured as a gymnast and that is reflected in the diverse and interesting routine she performs.

Despite a slower season start, she has been showing improvement in her performance and recently did a very exciting ribbon at the World Cup in Guadalajara. As the European Championships are coming up next week, I hope she is in great shape and in her usual fierce, winning mood.

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