Tsvetelina Stoyanova's Condition Has Not Changed, Bulgarian Team Performs Beyond All Expectations

First, I would like to thank all the fans around the world for their moral support for the Bulgarian team. For those who have been asking for updates: Tsveti's condition is stable, though still critical. She is using assisted breathing due to lung injury. She is able to move her toes and fingers. An MRI has been performed to further ascertain the extent of her trauma. No additional surgeries are scheduled to be performed at this stage.  Some newspapers have written that there is great hope she would be able to walk when she recovers. Also, the Bulgarian hospital "Pirogov" has requested that people donate blood for Tsveti.

In the meantime, Tsveti's teammates qualified in 5th place at the European Championship in Holon despite an issue with their music for the first routine where they stepped out on the carpet and the wrong music played. After this organizational gaffe, they still managed to show a wonderful routine. 

I would like to draw the attention to the reserve gymnast, Lyubomira Kazanova, who has done an absolutely amazing job performing under pressure and on a very short notice. The team did a flawless club and hoop routine. Their courage will be remembered forever. The second routine, with 5 ribbons,  was the last one in the all around championship. The girls had minor mistakes with the ribbons, but, overall, stayed very focused and clean. They will participate in the finals on Sunday where I deeply hope that they will be even more confident and strong.

I would like to ask that all fans around the world congratulate and support the whole Bulgarian team, including the coaches, federation members,  and psychologist. Additional encouragement is also much needed for the individual gymnasts Neviana Vladinova and Katrin Taseva, who I am sure have also been  greatly emotionally affected by the tragedy.

While many have tried to place the blame on the Federation for Tsveti's condition, those who are close to the team know that everyone supported Tsveti and that she was seen by a clinical psychologist to help with her health condition. The coaches and the Bulgarian Federation have done everything to make Tsveti a successful gymnast and will support her in the future with her recovery as well.

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