The Clubs Are Back!

This season,instead of performing with rope,senior rhythmic gymnasts will have new routines with clubs. Clubs have always been my favorite apparatus. Perhaps because there is two of them and I am a Gemini. Also because clubs are really multi-functiona: you spin them, roll them, bounce them off the floor, and even lean on them.

One of my favorite routines of all times is Oksana Kostina's Firebird clubs routine:

This routine is powerful and full of accents that emphasize the beauty of the music. It shows the clubs are not only a fun and playful apparatus, but can also create DRAMA.

Speaking of playful, here is another clubs routine, possibly the most creative and wonderful ever made:

Maria won one European and one world title with this routine. What is funny is that, when Neshka Robeva created it for her, at first Maria did not want to perform it and she even cried. But this routine will definitely remain one of the most viewed and love routine with clubs. Very different from Kostina's dramatic presence, this routine is full of playfulness, dance and lots of original touches. I love that both Kostina and Petrova are wearing pink leotards for two routines that are so different.

How about clubs in the 21st century? I would like to present to you a routine by a very young gymnast with fantastic clubs technique. This is Anastasia Kisse from Bulgaria. This routine, in addition to having a lot of incredible risky throws with the clubs, also demonstrates a strong dance interpretation of the music. I think Nastia Kisse is the 21st century clubs princess:


  1. You've great tastes =) btw Thank for sharing the beautiful clubs of Kostina It's one of the best routine in RG (imo) :D

  2. Thank you. Yes, this is an unforgettable routine, like most of Oksana's!