Thank You, Lala Yusifova!

Today I watched a routine that made me live a story, experience new emotions and become part of a spiritually enriching experience. This masterfully choreographed and superbly performed routine comes to us from the young Lala Yusifova and her coach Mariana Vassileva. Credit goes to both for being very daring, and for creating a piece of art while also putting a lot of very risky and difficult gymnastics elements.

The new Code of Points demands that gymnasts include dance steps and supposedly encourages creativity and musicality. Not all the new routines reflect this kind a character to life through your dance steps. Actually, very few of the routines have managed to approach this level of sophistication.

I am not surprised, though. Lala looked extremely promising as a junior, when I wrote about her here in Bulgarian and I called her "the exquisite flower from Baku." Her first steps on the carpet as a senior made our hearts flutter, too, as I wrote, this time in English, here.

So, thank you, Lala. I was crying watching the routine. Somewhere else Charlie Chaplin must have smiled.


  1. Hi Luda,
    I watched this live and was entertained by this performance to Limelight. She reminded me of the mechanical toy in Coppelia. She can really pull her back leg up tight in the spins but when you have to take pictures you notice the grisly faces she pulls when she exerts herself.
    I have written what I hope for as a spectator from the new code of points on my blog. Do you have any link for the details of the code, or can you really explain it for us sometime?

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for your comment. Another fan had uploaded a pdf version of the code here:
    http://ubuntuone.com/6bZkO5k6CTgSnXe6tHvrYN. The Code is, naturally, quite lengthy, so I think it would be a great idea for me to post a short explanation or at least discuss the differences with the pre-2013 code, when dance elements did not carry a lot of points. I believe the main idea is that the new code encourages and even requires the inclusion of more creative, and more dance-like elements rather than focusing on flexibility elements.

  3. Well, i dont like so much this coreography... But it is nice and expressive.

  4. Lala won the ball competition at "Baltic Hoop". The crowd appreciates it wherever she goes.