Anna Rizatdinova Withdraws from Grand Prix Kiev Due to Foot Injury

According to the source below, Anna has a foot injury that seems to have bothered her for a while, but got worse recently.

Ganna only performed a hoop routine at the event and did not appear for the other three performances. Coincidentally, Ukraine's number 2, Viktoria Mazur has stated in recent interviews that she is ready to be the new leader of the Ukrainian national team. Perhaps Ganna's withdrawal was not that unexpected after all.

While it would be wonderful to see Viktoria, who is extremely beautiful and talented, blossom into Ukraine's new prima, it is highly unlikely that Viktoria will reach the level that Ganna has been demonstrating in recent years. At least not during this season. This season was a chance for Ganna to take number one in the world after Kudryavtseva (and most likely Mamun) from Russia retired. It seems, at this stage, that luck is not on Ganna's side.

Still, it is too early to jump to conclusions before we have heard from Ganna herself. Let's wish her the best of health going forward!

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