Olena Diachenko's Leotards Look Simply Stunning, Only on Her

Even gymnasts don't look as thin as they really are on camera. Very few can wear one-color, long leotards well unless they have,  well, essentially, the body of the super model.

In fact, I don't think anyone after Tamara Erofeeva has been able to pull of this look except maybe Daria Kushnerova, who retired way too early. Before that, Olga Gontar and Ekaterina Serebryanskaya both looked out of this world in all white in the 1990s.

Olena Diachenko is that one-in-a-million woman.  She has been wearing all black, all white and dark red with some sparkle, but, essentially, with clean lines that emphasize her amazing legs. I don't think anyone else in the world elite can show this look quite so successfully. I know Mazur is next in line to be the top gymnast in the Ukraine but I really hope this girl gets her chance because she just makes the hardest things look so graceful! She just dazzles with her gorgeous silhouette and fills the carpet with her elegance.

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