Fall Butterfly Dance

In this series of pictures, I tried to capture my pre-Halloween mood and moves, and an inspiration drawn from gymnastics, ballet and dance.

I dedicate this not just to all crazy fans, but to the even crazier people who live with them, listen to them, bear with them, support them and love them. 


  1. Inspiring! I LOVE it! The craziness, the mood, the moves, the dress, the mask, the set, the bench, the leaves, the photos, the light, the purple wall, the courage, the erotic, the promise, the colors...

  2. Some of the poses and skirt-work have potential. Broad daylight and the wide perspective does not do the most for it. I would have preferred to do you in a low-key studio setting, monochrome with maybe one other colour like red somewhere.
    If the light wasn't coming out of your head in the last one you might pass the audition for a Batman movie.
    I am impressed you keep yourself so trim, I didn't think this was easy after a child, but I wondered if it would be nice to let oneself go, too.
    Now, how does one experience 'forgiveness' through the medium of dance, just curious ;-)

    1. Yes, my idea was to do it on a stark white background but the photographer liked the outdoors and autumn leaves. I ended up liking it. As for the forgiveness part, I think when you dance, you let out some energy that may otherwise stay inside you and bubble or bottle up but when you put it out there it becomes easier to forgive others and yourself. Which I think is kind of related to your point of "staying trim." This has never been a goal for me; it just kind of happened. :-) Overall, I am this big-boned, broad-shouldered person. Thanks a lot for your comments!

  3. RG is good for developing beautiful broad but slim shoulders. I bet you're not born big at all. I was also impressed by Maksy's upper arms and shoulders which are more obvious in training, but she's also born a lucky extreme of build. Oh well.
    Yah, I like your black skirt and I've always liked the kooky cute profile picture with the flowers.