Lukonina's Amazing Ball Routine Gets Better

As I wrote before, Yana Lukonina really impressed me in Montreal.

I especially love her ball routine. Last month she had a lot of errors during that and other routines, and she actually had to run for her ball way outside the carpet. But after this huge mistake, she continued with composure and grace. Look at the breath-taking catch at 1:30:

I really love her flexibility elements, her ending, and how she moves her arms throughout routine. My favorite element, as I said before, is the catch in split. I don't think anybody else does this in the world.

Notice the difference in Yana's performance only a month later in Moscow:

It's a pity that Lukonina did not make the ball final in Moscow. I think she totally deserved it. But we all know that Merkulova is the new favorite in the Russian team.

Well,every team has certain "primas" and favorites. But, as a fan, I feel the need to share my opinion and my opinion is that, after Kanaeva, Yana has the best ball routine in the world!

For all Lukonina fans, here are some more pictures of this stunningly talented Russian beauty. Yana recently shared on Twitter that she takes a lot of pain killers for a knee problem. I hope she stays healthy and keeps her beautiful smile and sparkling personality, a real treat for the fans.