Bulgaria's National Team in 2013

Hello RG fans! The Bulgarian national team now includes the following members:

  1. Katrin Taseva (Levski) 
  2. Simona Ivanova (Gratsia)
  3. Anastasia Kisse (Levski Iliana)
  4. Biliana Prodanova (CSKA)
  5. Simona Nedialkova (Levski Iliana)
  6. Zhenina Trashlieva (Chernomoretz)
  7. Silvia Miteva (Levski Iliana)
  8. Simona Diankova (Char)
  9. Neviana Vladinova (Levski)
  10. Sara Staykova (Levski Triaditsa)
  11. Maria Mateva (Olimpia 74)
  12. Rumiana Georgieva (Slavia)
  13. Kristina Tasheva (Akademik) 
  14. Radina Filipova (Char)

This is the order in which the gymnasts will appear in the first test competition this week. 

For me, the gymnasts to watch closely are Staykova, Prodanova, Vladinova and the new addition that I just LOVE, Kristina Tasheva. Kisse and Trashlieva have a lot of potential though I felt disappointed by Kisse's performances last year. I like the two Simona's: Ivanova and Diankova, but I think they need to work a LOT to reach the level that Staykova or Kisse are demonstrating.

I like Radina Filpova, too, but I think she may thrive better as part of the group. Rumiana Georgieva, who already received multiple chances to compete internationally as an individual, should move into the group as well. I hear Rumiana has the option to the decide whether to join the group and I hope she thinks about it wisely.

Maria Mateva is currently the real candidate for number 2 on the team after Silvia, but I think other girls have more potential.  

I have not watched a lot of routines from Simona Nedialkova and Katrin Taseva. I look forward to learning more about them.