New Bulgarian Beauty: Kristina Tasheva

Finally, I found some time to share with you how thrilled I am that Kristina Tasheva from "Akademik" (the same club as Simona Peycheva) became part of the national team. Kristina placed 2nd after Silvia Miteva at the first test competition in Sofia:

Kristina strikes me as a very gifted athlete, but also as someone who looks ready and happy to work very, very hard. She just puts a lot of attention and effort in every movement, so I do believe that she can "polish" her routines to perfection. This is a strong, yet, flowing and expressive, routine, although I'd like to see more originality with the hoop (the hoop used to be, dear fans, the most "Bulgarian" apparatus).

The big question is: will the Bulgarian Federation allow another girl from "Akademik" to compete at international events, especially if Simona Peycheva does return, as she says she will? How will Silvia Miteva and Maria Mateva respond to actual competition within the national team? Time will tell.