Love Things French....

Here is a routine with a certain "je-ne-sais-quoi" that I have watched with a melting heart:

Actually, I think I know quite clearly which two things move me in this exercise and one is, obviously, the level of technical mastery. Strong work: look the first pirrouette, and look at the risky catches.

Unsurprisingly, what I enjoy even more is the artistic aspect, not fully developped, yet, showing through in a subtle way. In other words, the gymnast is not fully "living" the music, not in every movement, but the parts where she does put more expression are touching and beautiful. I think the opening could use some more "flare," for lack a of a better word.

French music demands a very strong personality, though coupled with an unimposing gracefulness. Many gymnasts, including groups, have excelled at interpreting it, but it takes work, and I also think it takes time for the emotions to weave into the routine smoothly. You can look detached, you can look less dynamic, and you can look, not unelegant, but somehow not harmonious, if you don't really get deeply into it emotionally. Clearly, this gymnast is on her way to "filling" and also "feeling" the music, a marvelous task. Once she does, it should feel both dramatic and bittersweet.

Another routine to watch with French music and a vocal is Sara Staykova's ribbon where, eventually, the goal may become to "flirt" with the audience:

I wonder how Ganna Rizatdinova would flourish in a similar musical choice. She might make a better French lady than she makes a Carmen. A less loud,yet absolutely gripping charm.