Pre-Christmas Treat

Lately, I have been engaging in some heated, to say the least, political discussions about gun control in the United States. I have to admit that I even considered writing about a political topic on my purely gymnastics-devoted blog. But I will refrain from writing about non-gymnastics topics here, simply for the sake of my favorite sport.

I have to say, though, that I believe people have both hidden talents and hidden weakenesses. Sometimes, a talent may "act out" as a weakness, an angry temper, or even a "disorder,"  but a seeming weakness may reveal a path to the bright light of a true talent. I just wish that young people could find consolation and inspiration in sports and art, instead of looking to channel their spiritual energy through violent video game or other forms of mental and physical aggression. Those of you who met a mentor or felt inspired by a talented individual should truly appreciate how this person's example filled their lives. Many never encounter this opportunity.  Many never find outlets for their energy through a healthy activity thar brings fulfillment. As a treat for the fans, here is a very peaceful, yet strikingly emotionally charged routine, one that really radiates its own light: