The New Bulgarian Hoop Routine Will Blow Your Mind

If we go all the way back to the 1960s, when the triple world champion Maria Guigova entered the world podium with a hoop routine, or back into the 90s when Maria Petrova's hoop routine set to "Carmina Burana" dominated the world, Bulgarians have showed supreme mastery with hoop.

Now, in 2018, we see an original, extremely dynamic routine, charged with energy and risky until the very end.

The routine has left many fans wonder how it is possible to put so much movement in two and a half minutes of music:

I feel hopeful that the team will prepare psychologically to take this routine to the next level of performance where we could see all masterful touches and expressions that the potential of the routine and the choice of music hold in store. The music by the famous "Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices" is fitting for the upcoming season when the world championship will take place in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

This routine is Bulgaria's claim to literally throw the hoop higher, faster, with more risk, to continue to assert the creative tradition of the Bulgarian school, and, most importantly, to show fans around the world that rhythmic gymnastics is spectacular and breath-taking, a demanding athletic discipline that elegantly touches the border of art.