An Unforgettable Routine to a Song with a Life Lesson

Alexandra Agiurgiuculese from Italy made history with her bronze medal on ball set to the song "Zaidi Zaidi.'

This is an original, difficult, and provocative routine where everything from the choice of leotard to do risky tosses and the harmony with the music works together into a memorable performance.

For those who wonder, the lyrics of the song discuss the idea of time and youthful experiences and stress how our younger years will not come back:

Set, set, clear sun, go dark.
And you, clear moon, set, drown.

Cry, forest, cry, sister, so we cry together
You cry or your leaves, and I cry for my youth.

Your leaves, sister, will come back,
My youth, forest sister, won’t come back.

Alexandra's work and her evocative performance definitely reinforce the hidden meaning we can read into these lyrics which is: our days on Earth are counted, so make all the risky moves you can make, go into all the jumps and turns,  and throw yourself into life.

For everyone who watched Alexandra's coach, Spela Dragas, who literally jumped with joy after the score came out, I think the lesson about being joyful and enjoying life has come through very clearly.