Baby Nadia As a Gymnastics Fan

By popular request, I am posting here the pictures I took of my daugher Nadia in various gymnastics scenarios. Nadia was born on 07/11/2012, at which point she was 19 inches long (48 cm) and weighed 7 lbs and 4 ounces ( about 3 kg 300 grams). She has grown a lot ever since, reaching 74.4 cm (29.75 incheS) and 21 lbs 2 ounces (about 9 kg 600 kg).  She looks like she will grow tall so I think I'd encourage her to pick up basketball and beach volleyball, maybe not gymnastics. But she is Maria Petrova's and Evgenia' Kanaeva's smallest fan! :-) And I would add: Olga Gontar's smallest and cutest fan. :-)

On these pictures, she is 5 days old with the rope and ball, 4 months with the makeshift "clubs" and about 6 months old with the ribbon. No hoop just yet. :-)