Estonia's Most Promising Gymnast, Viktoria Bogdanova

One of the most beautiful surprises of this year's rhythmic gymnastics season is Viktoria Bogdanova from Estonia. There is a natural elegance about her movements that can only increase as she gains experience and maturity. In Montreal, Viktoria made the hoop final. At the international tournament "Miss Valentine", Viktoria placed 4th with hoop, 6th with ball, 8th with clubs and 10th with ribbon. Here is Viktoria's hoop routine from Montreal. This is a strong routine and I am only hoping that, as Viktoria advances, she will learn to feel the music more and execute the elements more expressively:

So far, hoop and ball are Viktoria's strongest routines. I think she is still learning and improving her ribbon technique but she already performed some beautiful pirouettes.


GP Holon 2011 - Evgenia Kanaeva - Gala

Тhe best gymnast of all times is performing a breath-taking gala with her gold flexible hoop!