Thrilling Ribbon, Truly Bulgarian

The "Margarita Rangelova" tournament in Sofia is one of my favorite event because it bears the name of my favorite sports journalist, Margarita Rangelova, who wrote several books and many articles about Neshka Robeva and the Bulgarian "golden girls." Margarita wrote about gymnastics with infectious enthusiasm, but, at the same time, she never invaded anyone's personal space with her writing. She never rushed to judgment and she never got tired to admire.

I think if she could see what Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics has become today, she would have continued to seek and praise the most beautiful routines. And she certainly would have loved the routine that I am about to share right now.

Neviana Vladinova, who won this year's edition of the tournament has presented this risky and original ribbon routine that I would like to share with you. Watch for the difficult tosses, for the connections between elements and the unity of the gymnast with the music, which are all attributes of the Bulgarian rhythmic style.

This routine has given me the shivers!

I wish more gymnasts in the future would challenge themselves to present routines with more risk as well as with a memorable and original choreography.