Who Has the Most Exciting Ribbon Routine....

...that keeps you on the edge of your seat from the beginning:

Where the gymnast and the ribbon don't stop moving even for a split second. And with a stunning leotard:

And at the end, you just want to jump to your feet:

Congratulations to Marina Durunda and her coach Mariana Vassileva for a well-deserved silver medal with ribbon at the European Games. May there be many more to come!

I am hoping that now that the judges have "noticed" Durunda's excellence, they will give her fair scores at the World Championship in September. She has time to work on some of the elements in her other routines and avoid any random errors, like the one she had with clubs in Baku.

So, I would really like to see her in all finals at the Worlds, and also see her receive scores over 18.000 every time she performs cleanly. Marina has really shown that you can always improve and she has taken on great challenges. Great challenges bring great rewards!

Let's hope the rewards come soon!