Tsvetelina Stoyanova Expected to Leave the Hospital in One Month

The father of the gymnast Tsvetelina Stoyanova, Jordan Stoyanov, has shared with "Bulgaria Today" that Tsveti will be spending approximately a month in hospital recovering. She has been improving with every day that goes by and the prognosis for her future life is highly positive. Tsveti still receives a lot of pain medication so she is sedated for a large part of the day but when is awake she is able to have conversations with visitors. Her grandma Tsetva, brother Nayden, and her boyfriend Alexander are next to her at all times.

Her teammates from the Bulgarian rhythmic group are currently at a training camp outside Sofia and have not visited her in the last couple of days. As the team is preparing for the Olympic Games in Rio, I am sure they will continue to also support their teammate in her recovery.

Below is a picture of Tsveti from a test event when she was still an individual gymnast. I hope deeply that Tsveti will maintain great memories from her illustrious and exciting gymnastics career. From representing Bulgaria at prestigious events as an individual competitor to becoming a world champion with the group, she has shown her love and dedication to this sport and her strong spirit.

"The doctors gave me courage and hope after last week's surgery. All went well and now the most important thing is to pray with open hearts for the health of my child, " said Jordan Stoyanov. He has also expressed a concern over false statements flooding the media and has shared that this is the reason he is trying to keep his statements very brief.

Her teammates will no doubt also keep her in their thoughts and prayers. The picture above is one of the last ones of Tsveti with the team at her last event with the rhythmic group during the World Cup in Guadalajara, Spain. Best of luck to Tsveti and the team!