Dream Team Belarus

This year Belarus steps out on the international carpet with a stronger group than ever, especially after one of their strongest individuals, the wonderful Sasha Narkevich,  joined the group.

Their 5 ball routine, interpreting Vivaldi, impresses with a crisp choreography, a lot of difficulty, and some of the most synchronized group movements that you would ever see.

Clearly, Belarus has 5 gymnasts of absolute, top world level: Maryna Hancharova, Ansatasiya Ivankova, Nataliya Leshchyk, Yana Lukavets, Ksenia Sankovich, Aliaksandra Narkevich. Each of them could compete successfully as an individual, but, as a group, they all move like one. They completely live up to this magnificent choice of music. If I were their coach, I would feel like I have wings growing on my shoulders. I would feel that I could ask them to climb Everest!

Although Italy's routine has a lot of originality, and Bulgaria's routine has a lot of emotion, I believe this routine surpasses them both by far. This group should medal every time, even if they make some minor mistakes, because their level of physical preparation is far beyond what most group gymnast, and many individual ones, can ever hope to achieve. But if they do not make mistakes, they are going for gold this year, and they deserve it.