Beauty and Grace Take Over Los Angeles

This weekend, in the first major competition for the season, rhythmic gymnasts from all over the world are going to show off new routines at L.A. Lights.

Past medalists include world champion Rizatdinova from the Ukraine, European champion Charkashyna from Belarus, Maximenko from the Ukraine, Staniouta from Belarus, and, my new persona favorite, Galkina from Belarus, who won the tournament as a junior. Here is Galkina at last year's worlds. She is very athletic and dynamic:

I am also excited about this year's participants, particularly those by Iliana Rhythmic Gymnastics, out of Philadelphia, coached by one of my favorite gymnasts from the past. I would like to highlight Evgeniya Chernukhina, a very promising representative of this club:

Here is the most up to date participant list:


I wish all the participants the best of health and the strength to perform strong, expressive routines!