Today, the Legendary Neshka Robeva Turns 70

I wanted to devote a blog post to her glorious achievements and to the imaginative, emotionally striking, original choreography that she has done both for gymnasts and for dancers. But I think dance speaks better than words on this one. So, here is a montage one of her big fans did. One of her thousands and thousands fans around the world, who agree with me that she is absolutely extraordinary:

To have watched Neshka's gymnasts and dancers perform has become a lifelong passion for me. I have chosen to follow her work for two main reasons. The first reason is the originality of her choreography. The second reason is that she always managed to showcase the best qualities of a gymnast so well that anyone who was talent could appear uniquely brilliant, truly shining. I would like to believe that the next generation coaches have learned from her and that they will embrace the Bulgarian style in gymnastics resiliently and with confidence that talent always wins.

I would like to remember Neshka Robeva as the creative spirit who made all gymnasts achieve their best. Even when she had to quietly pull their ears like in the picture below. This picture clearly shows how coach and choreographer never takes the center of the stage. Instead, she creates the whole stage and supports her performers with every breath.

And I can't imagine a greater birthday gift than the knowledge that you have helped many talented people rise to the best level they can. Happy 70th!