Are Belarus and Soldatova Tired of the Permanent Second Place?

As delicate as a flower, lyrical, smooth and very, very high skilled, Katya Halkina should have won medals art this European Championship, but she made many mistakes. Still, the team from Belarus is very strong and deserves to one day finally win gold as a team. The problem is that they do not project enough confidence. Perhaps in the mind of many, they will always be second best after Russia. And that is unfortunate. Or, as the American President Donald Trump would say, "SAD."

Yes, Katya was sad and next time will be better, if she continues to work hard. She had a difficult time with some of the routines, especially the clubs in the team championships (left) and waited for her score knowing she could do a lot better.

Here is the other question: how can someone as talented as Sasha Soldatova only win one individual medal? Well, it happened because, in terms of apparatus technique, she is only good with ball. It's even more sad because, well, she is incredible. Her balances, pivots, jumps, her emotional expression: all in a class of their own and way better than the Averini sisters, who move around without any regard for the music. Actually, at this event, Sasha's expressions, especially with ribbon showed a new level of intensity. The overall strength of the routine: not so much.

Perhaps gymnastics scoring should change once again. The Averini should be penalized for not showing any synchronization with the music. What they are demonstrating is not "rhythmic" gymnastics. It is a complete lack of rhythm. Their errors are not being counted and they are pushed to gold in front of many better gymnasts who work just as hard.

But the hope is that Alina Harnasko (below) will start looking at the medals with even more intensity, too, that Halkina will clean up her routines and blossom into the amazingly graceful flower that she is, and that Sasha will rise to her true potential. Let's restore the grace and strength of this sport and make it inspire audiences around the globe!

The Ukraine Rises Again

Team Ukraine didn't medal in the team competition at the 2017 European Championship in Budapest but they looked more gorgeous than their usual gorgeous. Which is extremely gorgeous!

Viktoria Mazur was much more confident than usual, Olena Diachenko
made a good debut on the Euroepan scene and the group was adorable. Congratulations to the gymnasts and fans and the Deriugini dynasty!

Also, look at Ireesha, how can she be so beautiful! How is it possible! <3